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Well you're in luck, here are some examples of how you can promote your business by harnessing the power of video. Check out one of our amazing clients and their business message.


We completely take the worry out of creating your video - because we take care of absolutely everything! Please contact us for more information about how to begin making your own spectacular business video today!      

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What's involved in making a video with SBE?

Our process begins with defining your goals for marketing clarity in order to develop the video's script. We then support you with performance coaching and if you need a voiceover, we can handle that too. All videos come with music, sound effects, and some level of graphic animation. If you need hair and makeup we are even able to arrange that for you too. We work according to your feedback during each stage of the process, and once we have your final approvals, we hand over your finished product. 


How much does a typical video cost?

It depends. The cost is primarily related to the length and complexity of the video project. 


What types of videos can we create together?

We can create an explainer video, to describe in detail how your product or service works. Or, we can create a landing page web-video commercial to promote your brand, or a larger corporate video to establish your company. We can even make a series of tutorials or "how-to" videos to educate your clients. You might even consider fabulous customer testimonial videos to support your service. 


How does payment work?

When you agree to our production services, you are required  to place a deposit on the project total up-front. Payment can be made using credit card. The remaining is due when you approve the final video. Once paid, the video is released for download. 


Who owns the Video rights?

Once you approve your video and pay the remaining amount in full, the video is yours.

Your business now owns it and you are free to show it anywhere you please.


Any more questions?

Once you decide you have an interest in creating a video with us, please call us to set up a consultation. You may email us at: or call today!

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