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Have you harnessed the power of video for your business?

SBE provides full-service video production, for broadcast, web, social and email use.  We also support your digital needs with website design, strategic social media content, email marketing, and even bulk DVD creation. Through the digital space we engage your specific audience for results that takes your business and its message to the next level.


Video marketing works best in connecting your message to a target audience. It creates measurable results. It is the strongest strategy for sales conversion, easily turning a web-visit into a final sale. 


Promote your business by harnessing the power of video and let SunBlossom Entertainment guide you every step of the way! We take the worry out of creating your custom video - because we take care of absolutely everything!


Please contact us for more information about how to begin making your spectacular business video!  Call us for a free consultation today.

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What's involved in making a video with SBE?

Our process includes defining your goals for business marketing clarity in order to develop the video's script, performance coaching of on camera talent, voiceover, music & sound effects - plus graphic animation. If you need hair and makeup we are even able to arrange that for you too. We work according to your feedback during each stage of the process, and wrap it all up handing it over to you when we have your final approvals.


How much does a typical video cost?

It depends. The cost is primarily related to the length and complexity of the video project. 


How does payment work?

When you agree to our production services, you are required to pay at least 50% - 75% of the project total up-front. The remaining is due when you approve the final video. Once paid, the video is released for download. Yes, we do accept credit cards! 


Who owns the Video rights?

Once you approve your video and pay the remaining amount in full, the video is yours.

Your business now owns it and you are free to show it anywhere you please.


Any more questions?

Once you decide you have interest in creating a video with us, please call us to setup a consultation appointment, or you may email us at:

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SunBlossom Entertainment takes great care in creating your custom video production and we construct a product that you can be proud of and use for many years to come. Besides making you look amazing on camera, we know you need clients, customers and sometimes investors, so its important that your video impresses to help you reach your business goals.


We create videos that attract attention, get people talking, and more importantly get people buying your product. We provide you with a quality product, not some hokey handy-cam presentation that could seriously damage your company's reputation, and we make sure you spend your marketing dollars wisely.  


With affordable rates and flexible terms we deliver a custom video that stands out from the crowd on the web, at trade shows, that clearly presents the information your audience needs to maximize the return on your business investment. 

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