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Corporate Video Production

ABC-TV's Don Polec and 

SunBlossom Entertainment

provide the #1 marketing tool -

custom video, to achieve the business results you need now. Want to grow 

your business? Let's do it together.

Video will: 

  • increase client engagement

  • expand your brand reach 

  • establish your expertise

What if  we’ve never hired a production company before?

Carefully listening to your project goals and what you need to specifically accomplish your project is how we begin working together at SBE. We’ll analyze your marketing message, your target audience, and focus on what they need to know about you and craft how you want them to move forward. After careful analysis, we’ll develop a media strategy to meet those goals with a maximum return on your investment.


How do we begin?

We plan and budget your project by first developing a complete proposal for your approval.  Our proposal defines the purpose and scope of the project, how we plan to develop and produce it, the schedule, individual costs, and budget total. Each project is completely unique and so is the scope of it's budget.  We can’t tell you what your project will cost until we do a full proposal and an estimate, but you don’t pay for the proposal or budget estimation. Sometimes our agreement will contain more specific payment stages for a larger project, otherwise we begin with a 50% deposit to commence with your project. 


What about the project's property rights?

All the rights are yours with corporate videos. SBE will retain the right to exhibit the project on our website and in other promotional material as an example of our work.


Any more questions?

Once you decide you have an interest in creating a video with us, please call us to setup a consultation appointment. You may email us at: or call us: 215.345.5557!

Video Marketing

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