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Ann Marie Video Production
Don Polec Video Production

Ann Marie Polec

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

​As founder and CEO of SunBlossom Entertainment (SBE), a full-service digital media agency Ann Marie has served the needs of a wide array of companies, including Disney, Gannet, PBS, BBC, Nissan, Chevrolet, Merrill Lynch, Johnson and Johnson, McNeil Pharmaceutical, Ortho Bio, Thrombolex, Gelest Chemical, Chiquita/Dole, and Brown University-Trinity Reparatory, as well as nonprofits including the National Kidney Foundation, and the Dementia Society of America.

As an executive producer and director, she has created and sold the thirteen-episode television series Exploring Quirky internationally and works in association with TVF distributors in London, U.K.

An IPEC-trained coach, devoted public school volunteer, and dedicated mom, her passion is for people, with a vision to connect them to their personal power. This concept drives her to produce inspirational content that positively impacts people's lives.

A member of NATPE and CMA. Her extensive experience in multiple aspects of theatre, television, and film is utilized daily to make the dream of creating enriching content a reality. She believes in empowering the individual and that our "empowered awakening" creates a heightened awareness helping us connect more compassionately to others' experiences. Awareness will bring us together. Anyhooo, isn't that what story-telling is all about?

Donald Polec

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​This Vice President and brilliant story-teller,  throughout his decades with ABC TV news, delved into the unusual, the unique, and the coolest of subjects, delighting viewers with a sense of wonder and fun. He shares this vibrant creative perspective to support all our innovative projects at SBE.
Don’s multi-award winning expertise in TV media and video production focuses on his passion, connecting people to new and exciting experiences. In “Don Polec’s World” he continues “Exploring Quirky” entertaining people’s spirits while providing them with an enriching view of everyday wonders. 

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